What else does TaxiClick offer ?


The best way to book a taxi,
by Smartphone, by internet
or calling. You choose!

Where am I?

The application shows your location or, you can move and locate the symbol where you wish and now you can click on the symbol to make the booking

Give me an update on my request

Do not close the application and you will know the state of your request and we will inform you of its process. When you close the application, the request will continue.

Follow the taxi

Once we assign a taxi, you can know its position and follow the trip in the map until it gets to the destination. When clicking on the car, you will know which taxi comes to pick you up


You can define the different options which can interest you as for example the payment by card or an adapted car.

But….What does TaxiClick offer?

An infinate number of cars

More than 20.000 taxis available

Easy to use

Whichever method you choose, booking a taxi is easy and quick


All the on-line methods to book a taxi are free


You will be able to book a taxi in each area we are present

You can download TaxiClick for free with …
Direct download through App Store
or Google Play

TaxiClick is available for Iphone, Ipad, Ipod Touch or Android

Downloading by QR

Place your camera on the QR
scan the image to download the application for your smartphone.

Download by SMS

1. Indicates your mobile phone number and press SEND
2. You will receive an SMS with a link of the application to download

TaxiClick Desk is ideal for hotel lobbies, restaurants
or companies wishing to improve its image.

Download by Google Play

Direct downloading from our web page.
For usual customers like companyies, hotels and restaurants.

For computers with Windows XP or Superior

Perfect for the companies, hotels and restaurants

Possibility to make the bookings by App or web

Save time and improve your image

No calls, no waiting, with the maximum reliability and rapidity

Payment directly to the driver by cash or credit card

Book taxis quickly and save time for your customers

Soporte técnico 24 horas al día los 365 días del año.

TaxiClick Desk is ideal for hotel lobbies, restaurants
or companies wishing to improve its image.

Download by Google Play

Where are we?

Acoruna Asturias Salamanca Madrid Toledo Huelva Cadiz Sevilla Malaga Cordoba Jaen Almeria Alicante Tenerife LasPalmas Balears Tarragona Barcelona Girona Valencia
Lisboa Setubal Algarve
Join the best technology, join the Taxitronic progress

Over 80 years of experience in the Taxi sector

More than 80 centrals and more 20.000 taxis in more than 6 countries

Assignation and location automatic of the request made, by multiple methods and configurable

Assignation of customers in a zone

Possibility of exchange of customers between companies of the taxi from different area and countries

The best security for the taxi drivers

Investment in innovation and technology

Regular updates

Technical support 24/7, everyday of the year

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